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Canvas Ranch

Rather than meeting in my office for our¬†weekly meeting, our chef at Nick’s Cove and I went on a field trip to Canvas Ranch to pick up some delicious produce and (omg) drop-dead gorgeous strawberries. The owners of Canvas Ranch have been farming on their land for the past 12 years and what they have created is nothing short of spectacular! The undulating fields are rich with browns and golds and the rows upon rows of strawberries are a delight to the many guests they invite onto their ranch!

For me, food is not just a fuel for my body; it’s a part of my life. And, while I am not here to change anyone’s mind about how they use that fuel, I welcome them to share with me a bit of how I enjoy food!

When you see these strawberries, you immediately notice there is something intrinsically different about them than those you purchase at a grocery store: their shine, their even, deep red color, the green on the stem is vibrant and stands out! But, to taste them … that’s the real treat. The immediate, dense, sweetness is sublime!

We are so lucky to live where we live and to be able to have resources such as Canvas Ranch to provide us (and our guests at Nick’s Cove) an opportunity to experience the magic of fresh, farm-t0-table delights such as these!


canvas_ranch_strawberry_basket canvas_ranch_strawberry_field

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