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It’s no secret that I live in a real-life-foodie-haven and that from my position at the helm of Nick’s Cove I have access to amazing products to delight my culinary senses … from all the amazing local cheese to water buffalo gelato; from Kobe beef good enough for Playboy (long story) to delicious hand-raised goat, I have the unique ability to enjoy just about whatever I want with little effort. It’s a good thing … because everyone knows I love to eat!

One of my absolute favorites in my vast repertoire of food is the natural grass fed African Boer goats raised by local ranchers Tony and Julie Rossotti of Rossotti Ranch in Petaluma. Fourth generation rancher, Julie Rossotti is a wonderfully warm and friendly woman whom I have come to respect and admire for her commitment to her passion in raising these wonderful animals. She also makes a mean apricot jam!

At Nick’s Cove, our chef makes a fan favorite: Rossotti Ranch Goat Meatballs and when they are on the menu, you will often find me eating an order with our warm bread dipped in the tomato leek sauce: heaven! At a recent media dinner, the chef made goat with polenta that was beyond-words-good! Yes, I do realize I am spoiled!

Did you know that goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world? And, there is good reason for this: it has less fat than chicken and more protein than beef. I am obviously over simplifying but you get the point: it’s another delicious option for red meat that is also good for you. So, while some of you may be hesitant to try goat or perhaps uncertain about how to cook it, you will be happy to know that because of its recent popularity in restaurants, you can do an online search and discover all kinds of easy recipes that will leave you feeling very successful in the kitchen! Julie and Tony (and their beautiful little boy, Rocco) can be found most weekends at the Marin Farmer’s Market selling their goat so they make it very easy for you to try it at home … or just come out to Nick’s Cove and enjoy our fantastic meatballs!


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