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Finally our hills in West Sonoma and Marin Counties look like they are supposed to look this time of year: GREEN! Whether it’s through the rolling hills of West Marin to Nick’s Cove in Marshall or over the hill through Carneros and up the valley to Saint Helena to the Napa Valley version of La Condesa, my commute to work is nothing short of spectacular.  But just a few weeks ago, the same hills were still brown, the weather dry and the water table shrinking.

I discovered that water is a resource that many people take for granted. Through December and January, however, I was brutally reminded of just how much we need rain in this area to keep our water table steady (so we maintain healthy levels in our wells) and our grasslands green. It was the top story in all local newspapers: from no grass for the “grass fed” beef, to people (including Nick’s Cove) needing to purchase water because the water level in our wells ran so perilously low. Weather was no longer a polite topic, it was the topic … everywhere!

And, when the rain finally came, we all breathed a sigh of relief and welcomed it. I have not heard a single complaint from any of my staff who have to work in the rain or be exposed to the weather. I know they get it; thank goodness!

About Dena Grunt

As President of Hwy 1 Hospitality I oversee two spectacular properties: Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay and La Condesa Napa Valley in Saint Helena. Every day I am reminded of the simple beauty that exists in nature and am grateful to be at the helm of such unique and impressive properties. I currently reside in Petaluma with my husband and son.

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